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‘The Power of Hobutt’ | GOV ‘Breaking chopsticks with the butt’ game!!

IDK how many of you are into kpop, but here’s a guy breaking chopsticks with his ass.

i am confused and scared

The last gif is the face of a man who knows exactly how powerful he’s become

True achievement

what just happened

I kinda makes me happy but also confused when people I’m pretty sure aren’t into kpop or kdramas reblog things like this. LOL

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Another day, another story. Eh Tumblr? This one is about Rapunzel. A fair maiden locked away in a tower, hidden from ever finding true love. Sad, huh? Well not too bad. See, Rapunzel was born outside of a Denny’s. And through some fairy tale magic that reason and logic could never explain, she was given long, beautiful bacon hair. So, this prince guy was riding by her prison tower one day, when he saw Rapunzel. So he was all, “You’re hawt, why are you locked in that tower?”

“Because of this evil woman that was jealous of my face.” Rapunzel yelled down.

“Alright,” he replied, “Let down your hair and I’ll climb it, because that makes sense and won’t hurt or inconvenience you in any way.” So Rapunzel, without taking into consideration the hundreds of thousands of nerve endings and pain receptors in the human head, let down her long bacon hair so the prince could climb up. But he didn’t. Because there was too much delicious bacon to eat. And enjoying crispy bacon is much more important than relying on a relationship in order to find happiness and validate your existence. The End. 


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Aziraphale and Crowley from “Good Omens”. Though Aziraphale being a klutz and Crowley catching the books as they fell turned more into Crowley being like “WTF WHY AM I CARRYING YOUR BOOKS LOOK AT THIS ONE IN MY HAND LOOK” and Aziraphale being like “You are such a dear” OTL

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So, hey. I suck. I totally forgot to mention I was going to be out of the country for a week and unable to keep up on tumblr while I was gone. I’m back home now, so if I missed anything you really, really think I need to see, feel free to hit up my ask box or tag me or whatever. o/

First morning back, though, and I’ve managed to plan birthday things and write ot7 smut. So I think I got back into the swing of things fairly quickly.

We only have three rules. First, do your part. Second, never harm another glader. And most importantly, never go beyond those walls.

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when I commit to a person, I FUCKING COMMIT. if their depression, anxiety or life comes knocking, you bet your ass i’m at the door with a double sided axe waiting for a good fight. 

you cant expect people, to always be happy, even if they are in love. because life doesn’t stop for anyone. But you can be there for the good fight. 

my god why can’t everyone be like this

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Adding final details to this handsome fella.. (Instagram)

IT’S A BEAR omg it took me a second but when i saw it was a bear it blew my mind THIS IS GORGEOUS

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Being fat carries with it a lot of cultural baggage. At the same time, fat people, especially fat women, are supposed to pretend we don’t exist or that we’re not fat. I can’t count the number of times thin people have made reference to fat people or fatness in a negative or joking way in front of me, from the petite woman sitting next to me at the coffee shop complaining about fat people on airplanes, to my friends who routinely make jokes about their “inner fat kids” coming out when they eat a lot, to the women in my family who compete to see who can look the thinnest in family photos. Sometimes it feels like I’m not even there, or that I’m not supposed to be. - Lisa C. Knisely